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asknet Solutions AG signs new client contract with Tenorshare and launches shop in record time


  • asknet manages the whole online shop transaction process for Tenorshare
  • Only 2 weeks between contract signing and launch of new shop
  • asknet e-commerce suite includes 190+ countries, 28+ payment methods, 29 billing currencies and 26 checkout languages


Karlsruhe (Germany), April 12, 2023 asknet Solutions AG, an established specialist for international e-commerce, procurement and EdTech solutions, and Tenorshare Co. Ltd. have signed contract for the development and operation of Tenorshare’s new multinational online shop. Starting from the shopping cart, asknet manages the whole transaction process for Tenorshare through its established e-commerce suite: check-out, fraud management, tax handling, payments, end-user customer service, customer support, subscriptions and fulfillment.

Founded in 2014, Tenorshare specializes in developing data recovery, system repair and mobile management software for various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Tenorshare’s products and services are trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.

Christian Herkel, CEO at asknet: “We are committed to Tenorshare’s business success and are happy to share our 25 years plus experience with our new client. We handle all merchant responsibilities behind the scenes and provide hands-on, tactical support to help them grow globally.”

For the new multinational shop, asknet developed a branded checkout experience that drives conversions, increases transactions and boosts revenue. asknet’s one stop cart & checkout ensures a secure and smooth process and is locally tailored to best suit local customer preferences. This includes 190+ countries, 28+ payment methods, 29 billing currencies and 26 checkout languages.

asknet‘s fraud monitoring and detection systems block fraudulent transactions without interfering with the customer experience and ensure that its partner’s business is defended against payment fraud, lost revenue, spam content and irregular chargebacks. Dispute management and reduction of chargebacks on behalf of asknet’s partners are also taken over by asknet.

The company manages the complete international VAT process so that its partners can focus on their core business. This includes the identification of the physical location of end-customers and determination/charge of the respective VAT rates when applicable as well as keeping a detailed record of the transaction and reporting of VAT to local authorities. Always staying up-to-date on the latest sales tax rates in all VAT-eligible regions is another matter of course.

Global software sales are made easy by asknet’s online payment processing. Payment methods, currency display and check out language are adapted to local conditions while asknet’s banking infrastructure network with local payment processors and gateways increase payment acceptance rates and minimize declines.

asknet’s full-service e-commerce solution helps subscription software companies successfully manage the entire client life cycle from acquisition to activation, upgrades and renewal.

The customer experience is complemented by excellent end-user customer service in 17 languages.

“With asknet e-commerce solutions, we found an expert who creates a real partnership with us and is helping us grow our business. The key factor for the decision in favor of asknet were experience and knowledge, but mostly the advanced solution. We are looking very much forward to working with asknet’s highly qualified e-commerce team,” says Elaine Zhouys, Vice President at Tenorshare.

Tenorshare’s online shop went live on March 9, 2023.

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About asknet Solutions AG

asknet Solutions AG is a renowned e-commerce, procurement and EdTech specialist headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company’s e-commerce Solutions Business Unit develops and manages online stores for digital and physical products worldwide. Leading global publishers such as Cyberlink and Steinberg rely on asknet's e-commerce expertise to distribute their products in more than 190 countries. asknet also offers software procurement and distribution for European universities and is the undisputed market leader in Germany (Academics Business Unit). The asknet portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality software applications for the academic sector, ranging from IBM SPSS to Adobe Creative Cloud. By continuously expanding its portfolio beyond software procurement, through partnerships with leading software manufacturers such as Udemy and Class Technologies, asknet aims to become the leading IT service provider in the European education market.