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asknet Solutions AG and its new partners Udemy and Class Technologies are driving learning solutions in public, corporate and academic markets

  • Market entry into the life-long learning sector via partnership with Udemy Inc.
  • Expansion of the company’s market position for virtual classroom solutions via partnership with Class Technologies Inc.


Karlsruhe (Germany), December 21, 2022 – asknet Solutions AG, an established procurement, e-commerce and EdTech specialist, has concluded two new strategic partnerships, paving the way for the expansion into new target markets as well as strengthening the company’s existing position in the EdTech sector.

In November 2022, asknet signed a partnership agreement with Udemy, a leading online learning and teaching platform. The partnership provides asknet access to the so far unexplored sector of flexible and effective skill development for a variety of organizations, including government authorities and related service companies as well as public companies and corporations. Udemy, Inc. established in 2010 in the USA, is an online learning and teaching platform that empowers individuals and organizations to upskill and reskill with more than 213,000 courses. As of November 2022, Udemy had more than 57 million learners leveraging its customizable and affordable online solutions to address skills gaps amid ongoing economic change and uncertainty. Companies can select courses from the Udemy Business catalog, which offers engaging on-demand, immersive and cohort-based learning, to achieve critical business outcomes and competitiveness. Udemy empowers institutions to build a future-ready workforce and to improve employee knowledge and skills. Currently, Udemy Business clients can choose from 19,000 courses, featuring content in 14 languages.

“It is important to the asknet team to continue innovating their offerings and improving the education technology sector in Germany”, said Michael Baumann, VP Academics at asknet Solutions AG. Nick Brett, Head of Partnerships EMEA at Udemy is highlighting how important the partnership with asknet is for Udemy: “We’re proud to partner with asknet as they work to achieve goals through the fresh and agile content created by real-world expert instructors on Udemy Business.”

asknet has furthermore gained Class Technologies Inc. as new partner. The corresponding reseller agreement was signed in September 2022. The new partnership is offering promising opportunities in markets covering K-12, higher education institutions, companies, and government authorities. Class Technologies Inc., a US based EdTech company, provides teaching and learning tools on top of video conferencing service Zoom* to facilitate instructions and improve learner engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings so that online classrooms feel like a real classroom environment. Some key activities supported by Class enable instructors to perform many of the activities happening in a real classroom, virtually: taking attendance, handing out assignments, giving a quiz or test, grading, proctoring exams and talking one-on-one with specific students.

In 2022, Class Technologies Inc. added Collaborate Virtual Class Solution to its portfolio via purchase from Anthology (former Blackboard). With an excellent combination of both software systems, Class Collaborate and Blackboard Learn, the instructors’ and learners’ experiences can be taken to the next level with a perfectly recreated virtual classroom. The integration creates quick and easy workflows, shifting the focus back to what matters: teaching and learning. asknet is also planning several marketing campaigns to penetrate new segments and to further develop existing segments of DACH market in 2023.

Based on framework contracts with the DFN - Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes (for Germany) and ACOmarket - Zentraler IT Service Broker und Dienstleister der österreichischen Universitäten (for Austria), asknet expects to gain new clients for Class solutions among higher education institutions in 2023. On November 23-25, 2022 the company, together with Class, already exhibited at Online Educa Berlin (OEB) and will be attending at least three conferences in 2023.

Furthermore, asknet is aiming at offering its new life-long learning clients and partners additional services and the related software from its vendor portfolio.

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Magda Gajny

About asknet Solutions AG

asknet Solutions AG is a renowned procurement, e-commerce and EdTech specialist headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company offers software procurement and distribution for European universities and is the undisputed market leader in Germany (Academics Business Unit). The asknet portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality software applications for the academic sector, ranging from IBM SPSS to Adobe Creative Cloud. By continuously expanding its portfolio beyond software procurement, through partnerships with leading software manufacturers such as Udemy and Class Techologies, asknet aims to become the leading IT service provider in the European education market. The company also develops and manages online stores for digital and physical products worldwide (eCommerce Solutions Business Unit). Leading global publishers such as Cyberlink and Steinberg rely on asknet's e-commerce expertise to distribute their products in more than 190 countries.

* Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Class Technologies Inc. and its product Class are not sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise affiliated with Zoom.