Nexway AG concludes university federal state framework agreement on use of asknet solution package and extends partnership with IBM

July 28, 2020

July 28, 2020, Karlsruhe – Nexway AG, a leading software and services company with a dominant position in the German-speaking academic market, has successfully concluded a follow-up agreement on the university federal state framework based on the use of asknet Analytics Foundation for Academics. Thanks to the very successful cooperation between Nexway, IBM, and the German universities, it was possible to increase the number of licenses by 20% compared to the initial contract. In addition, the cooperation has the potential to generate follow-up sales for additional purchases and services in the coming years.

The foundation of the framework agreement is the Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) concluded between Nexway AG and IBM, which allows the Karlsruhe-based company, as official licensor, to merge IBM software with its own services tailored to the needs of the customer, thus creating a unique asknet solution package. This package includes many adding value features, such as automated key management adapted to semester durations, online software distribution, user statistics, community support or refinancing via debt collection. Until the end of September 2024, customers can purchase the solution package at special conditions guaranteed by Nexway AG.

Michael Baumann, Head of the Academics unit of Nexway AG, sees the conclusion of the contract as an important milestone in the strategic repositioning of the company: “The agreement with IBM and the now contractually fixed cooperation with universities, associated institutes and teaching hospitals marks a unique selling point in the German-speaking academic market. The conclusion of the contract also testifies to the great trust that is placed in us in the education sector.”

IBM recognizes the value in partnering with Nexway. IBM Manager, Steffen Güntzler, commented: “Nexway AG is a key partner for market access in the educational sector. We are proud that in cooperation with Nexway we can provide IBM’s market leading Cloud & DataScience technology for research and education.”

After several years of cooperation with IBM, Nexway AG has proved to be an established software provider with a growing customer base and now strengthens its position as a leader in the German-speaking educational segment.

Nexway AG (formerly asknet AG) is a leading procurement, e-commerce and payment specialist. The company offers software procurement and sales services for European academic institutions, students and alumni. The procurement portals offered by Nexway are used by more than 80% of German colleges and universities. The headquarter of Nexway AG is Karlsruhe. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (NWAY, ISIN: DE000A2E3707).

Jan Schulmeister (CFO)
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