asknet Solutions AG migrates eCommerce Solutions infrastructure to AWS, providing higher scalability and extended cloud functionalities

September 07, 2021

September 7, 2021, Karlsruhe (Germany) – asknet Solutions AG, a leading procurement, e-commerce and EdTech specialist, is moving its eCommerce Solutions shop infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The decision to change the infrastructural setup was taken in the year 2020 as part of a strategic realignment of the eCS Business Unit. The project is already in full swing. As of August 2021, 23 portals and customer stores managed by the company have already been successfully migrated to the AWS infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.

To ensure a smooth and seamless migration to the new infrastructure, the established “lift & shift” procedure is applied. This allows for continued operation of existing shops during migration without any interruption, while the benefits of the new cloud store can be fully exploited from day one.

As part of its merchant-of-record services portfolio, asknet is active in more than 190 countries worldwide, making AWS an ideal infrastructure for the company’s e-commerce business operations. The AWS setup allows for high stability and elasticity even at high transaction volumes, such as those during discount promotions. In addition, the AWS Cloud ensures the highest level of security for trusted data and complies with legal requirements worldwide.

For asknet, upgrading its data infrastructure enables new, efficient, and flexible ways of setting up and managing shops. This also includes a larger number of API integrations for analyzing and processing all kinds of data related to each transaction.

Christian Herkel, CEO of asknet Solutions AG: “The modernization of our IT infrastructure is an important cornerstone in the repositioning of our eCS business unit, one of the three core objectives of our new corporate Three-Pillar Strategy. The migration will increase our competitiveness and will support our teams in both customer retention and acquisition. It also unlocks new possibilities in the field of new business. Based on the AWS cloud infrastructure, we will develop innovative products and services to increase our ‘new pipeline’ business. Here, our focus will be primarily on the education market, which is currently facing a major digital transformation challenge.”

As part of the Three-Pillar Strategy, the company has made significant investments in the area of technology development and continues to boost its capabilities by actively recruiting new IT talent.

In addition, a new eCS business unit website will be launched in the coming weeks. This new website, reflecting the new approach and business culture in this business unit, will further enhance customer communication and client acquisition efforts.

About asknet Solutions AG
asknet Solutions AG is a renowned procurement, e-commerce and EdTech specialist headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company offers software procurement and distribution for European universities and is the undisputed market leader in Germany (Academics Business Unit). The asknet portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality software applications for the academic sector, ranging from IBM SPSS to Adobe Creative Cloud. By continuously expanding its portfolio beyond software procurement through partnerships with leading software manufacturers such as Blackboard and Dell, asknet aims to become the leading IT service provider in the European education market. The company also develops and manages online stores for digital and physical products worldwide (eCommerce Solutions Business Unit). Leading global publishers such as Cyberlink and Steinberg rely on asknet's e-commerce expertise to distribute their products in more than 190 countries. asknet Solutions AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Ticker: ASKN; ISIN: DE000A2E3707).

Magda Gajny