asknet AG informs about shares held by Digital River

March 20, 2017

Insider information pursuant to Article 17 MAR.

Karlsruhe, 20 March 2017 – asknet AG, a supplier of international e-business solutions, has been informed that a block of shares in the amount of 19.63 percent of the company’s share capital (equivalent to 1,000,000 shares) held by a nominee shareholder (“Legitimationsaktionär”) registered in the company’s share register was held for Digital River Holding GmbH at 21 February 2017. Digital River is a US e-commerce-firm and one of the main competitors of the company. According to the share register, the shares have been held by a bank as custodian since 2 August 2010. In spite of repeated inquiries, asknet had not obtained any information about the actual investors so far. The resulting voting rights have not been registered or exercised at any of the company’s Annual General Meetings. At this stage, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board have no information regarding the future intentions of Digital River.

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