asknet Solutions at a Glance

asknet Solutions AG is a leading procurement, e-commerce and payment specialist. We offer software procurement and sales services for European academic institutions, students and alumni. The procurement portals offered by asknet are used by more than 80% of German colleges and universities.

Karlsruhe (Germany)

Executive Board
Thomas Garrahan (CEO)
Christian Herkel (COO)

Supervisory Board
Aston Fallen (Chairman)
Wolfgang Muller (Deputy Chairman)
Michael Baumann

Accounting standard
HGB (German Commercial Code)

September 12, 1995

Investment Highlights

  • Dominant position in the German-speaking academic market
  • Strategic focus on EdTech with a new senior management team and an extended business development team
  • Successful projects in 2020 with the IBM federal state framework agreement, the DELL hosted shopping application and the Blackboard partnership
  • Focus on operating profitability in 2021; ready to invest in growth

Key Figures of asknet Solutions AG

(in million euros) 201520162017201820192020
Sales revenues 73.32 68.72 66.16 85.84 84.31 81.90
Gross profit 10.39 8.92 8.52 9.65 9.30 11.03
Gross profit margin 14.2% 13.0% 12.9% 11.2% 11.1% 13.1%
EBIT 0.09 -1.65 0.59 -1.86 -2.71 -1.19
Net result 0.08 -2.50 0.07 -1.83 -2.67 -1.60

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