We know that access to essential & premium software for your students & academic staff is critical. We want to help you overcome this challenges in a simple and efficient way.

That's why asknet Academics offers online portals & high quality distribution services specifically tailored to the software procurement processes of universities, schools & research institutions.

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Software for students at special academic rates


Affordable software for everyone

asknet procurement portals are tailored to academic requirements and processes

Extensive range of products & manufacturers 

Efficient procurement, distribution & billing of software

Precise access & rights management

Automatic user authentication

Management of campus & country licenses

Integration of hardware master agreements

Mapping of workflows & purchasing guidelines

High level of automation & comprehensive back-end integration


Audit-proof procurement history

Web statistics on the entire & current procurement situation

 Hardware is staged with software from the portals

Custom invoice & payment options


50+ procurement portals in the DACH region

We are the market leader in the DACH region and supply 80% of all German universities with software.

We operate more than 50 procurement portals where a wide variety of software downloads are available for staff, students, teachers and pupils from research & teaching institutions throughout the DACH region.


Seamlessly integrated into your system environment

Thanks to a range of interfaces, our portals can be seamlessly integrated into your systems and processes


ERP systems

Our portals can be easily integrated into ordering systems such as SAP. This allows your buyers to jump directly from your sourcing system to the asknet procurement portal and use all the functions there without leaving the procurement process.


SAM systems

With the Transceiver, asknet provides a data export that allows you to conveniently import the data of your software assets from the asknet Procurement Portal into your SAM system.


Identity providers

asknet procurement portals can be connected to various identity providers such as Shibboleth and can thus be integrated with existing authentication systems.

Our procurement principle

graphic representation of the asknet procurement principle 

We’re experts in academic software procurement

As a spin-off from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and 25+ years of field experience, we’re experts in academic software procurement processes.

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