Software procurement solutions
for academic institutions & universities

With asknet academics students and academic staff can access a wide range of leading software with special conditions and pricing.

As a spin off from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), we offer you a real expertise and a background in the academic sector.

  • 20+Years of experience in e-procurement
    for software in education and research
  • 50+Online procurement stores
  • 100+Vendors in our portfolio

We help you maximize your return on
software investments

Provide access to premium and essential software for your students and academic staff!

It is sophisticated and complex to coordinate software procurement, distribution, and accounting in the education sector.
asknet academics offers premium distribution services and tailored portals that are specifically designed to optimize IT procurement of universities, schools, and research institutes.

Key features include:

  • Software sourcing & procurementExtensive catalog of productsMore than 100 software providersFramework agreements and campus licenses

  • Fulfillment Rental, perpetual, and renewal licenses On premises, hosted or SaaS

  • Payment processing and invoicing
  • License management and software asset management
  • Customer care

Easily source premium software
at the best negotiated price through
personalized e-procurement portals

  • Save on software cost
  • Fulfillment
  • Optimize e-procurement policy compliance and budget planning
  • Improve user experience

asknet academics e-procurement portals offer you centralized licence & contract management, and easy software delivery. By integrating the portal in your existing IT system and by implementing your procurement procedure, you are bringing the best experience to teachers, professors, and administrative staff, while ensuring a compliant procurement process.

  • Customized e-procurement portal with full integration to your
    ERP and existing IT system
  • Automated user authentication and eligibility check
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • Catalog configuration

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at the best price for your academic
staff and students?

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